Spearheaded by Mura Hari Krishian
Sponsored by Mahaan Aasha Foundation
Mission Accomplished task of enabling 141children to receive spectacles of 496 children screened from tribal villages at a screening camp

Partner: Krishi NGO KrishiKrisians
Sponsor: Mahaan Aasha Foundation
Location: Yenki Thanda (tribal village outside of Hyderabad)

Mission accomplished over 110 backpacks filled with books, supplies and waterbottles were passed out to the children.  A wonderful festival to celebrate. Mahaan Aasha Founder, Michelle Stephens and family participated in the celebration.  #1000smiles #singing #dancing #craft time #childrensmiling #happyday

*SAKHI for GIRLS EDUCATION - Aarti Naik(Changemaker-Mumbai)
Partner and Founder of this School:  Aarti Naik successful Leader changing the lives of slum-based young girls teaching them empowerment and enhancing their education. She has received many honors and awards for her selfless work in Mumbai.
Mission: Mahaan Aasha gave support to this School for the rental of more space and salary for a Teacher for one year.  This school is growing and receiving more girls from the slum area of Mumbai.
The Summer of 2018 Michelle Stephens , Founder of Maahan Aasha with family visited the school and celebrated the opening of their "Digital School" #singing #dancing #party #happiness #girlsempowered
*Puerto Rico Childrens Daycare Center​
Mission: Playground and Equipment was restored  after being devastated by Hurricane Maria in 2017.  The Center also was able to provide assistance and care to local families
Sponsor:  Mahaan Aasha Foundation funded this successful endeavour 
Mission: To Support the growth of this well delveloped Foundation that has two Orphanages with 250 children.  They house, feed and have a very successful support system for the children's education all the way through college.  Supporting a well organized foundation like this enable them to expand and have a greater impact bringing in more children from the streets and desperate situations to give them a chance that they otherwise would not have.  

Mahaan Aasha visited Sphoorti summer of 2017 and discussed some of their needs. The children had no playground and equipment.  Summer of 2018 Mahaan Aasha funded playground equipment and bicycles (along with other sponsors) for the children.  Michelle Stephens and family visited the Orphanage summer 2018 to see the celebration of the new additions to buildings, the construction of the playground equipment and bicycles for the children. It was a great day of celebration #singing #play #VIPs #wonderfull facility #morechildren haveaHOME #education at it's best